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Business As Usual? Take a Walk Inside the Swiss Elite League Semi-Finals!

Swiss Ball Hockey National League A – At the eve of the playoff final~!

When the trees are carrying leafs again and the evenings are getting long its time for the playoff final in Switzerland. As always since 2011; with one sole exception the final was played between the Oberwil Rebells and the SHC Belpa 1107. You will find a report on this years final on the ISBHF website when the champion 2018 will be known.

Today we look at the other seven teams, asking if the season 2017/18 was indeed business as usual.

3rd and 4th place, Grenchen and Sierre

Looking at the Whales and the Lions, it seems that the current season was indeed like the seasons before. Both teams reached the semifinals but the had to fight more then expected. Grenchen won its first game vs the Bees from La Chaux-de-Fonds but lost the second. In the third decisive game they were at the edge of loosing, but turned the fate in the closing minutes. In the semifinal the Whales lost in two close games vs the Scorpions.

The Lions played their provincial rivals from Martigny in quarterfinals. They lost their first game and were at the edge of loosing the second as well. But with a furious comeback and two shorthanded goals they tuned this game and the series. In the semifinals, the Lions lost twice against the Rebells without much discussion.

5th and 6th place, Martigny and La Chaux-de-Fonds

The two newcomers in the national league A were the reason, why 2017/18 was not business as usual. Both teams played a strong round robin. They both caused problems to the Rebells, the Scorpions, the Whales and the Lions during the round robin and in the playoffs. At the end it might just have been a lack of experience that stood in the way of a big surprise in the quarterfinals. Both teams played an excellent first season in the national league A.

7th to 9th place, Bonstetten, Bettlach and Kernenried.

It is not exactly a big surprise to find these three teams at the bottom of the standings. All three are, in different stages of a – delayed – process to rejuvenate the team. In an interesting fight for the last two playoff spots, Bonstetten and Bettlach made the race.

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