Dear ball hockey friends,

ISBHF is ready to assist all national associations to improve their administration and to meet ISBHF Articles and Regulations requirements.

ISBHF Help Desk shall provide you with basic documents and knowledge as well as the answers to your questions. You are welcomed to contact us if you need more assistance.

We will share with you the best practice in field of player registration systems, game statistics software, contacts to local equipment retailers or customer-tailored goods delivery.

We do believe that sharing the knowledge will strenghten performance of national bodies and increase the membership. Strong and properly legaly anchored national associations form also a base for higher recognition of  ISBHF.

Vit Rezac, ISBHF Vice President

President's note

George Gortsos

George Gortsos
ISBHF president

Germany is a great Hockey nation. With a rich tradition in our sport of ball hockey in hosting Club and world Championships. And having one of the strongest leagues in Europe.
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