ISBHF Awards

WC98 CZE v CAN 2In addition to the team achievement medals at Regional, Continental, World Championship events, the ISBHF also recognizes numerous individuals with player or volunteer awards such as:

  • Top Scorer
  • Tournament MVP
  • MV Goalie
  • MV Defenceman
  • MV Forward
  • World All Star Team - recognizing top goalie, two defencemen and three forwards of each Mens (Senior), and Junior championship.
  • ISBHF Player Hall of Fame (commencing in 2006) - recognizing players who have had stellar careers, particularly at World and Regional/Continental Championships.
  • Fair Play Cup - recognizes the team with the fewest penalties at the World Championship, for their fair sportsmanship.
  • Miroslav Subrt Award of Excellence - presented annually to an individual who has contributed greatly to the ISBHF and/or an ISBHF member nation throughout their career as a volunteer.
  • Volunteer of the Year Award - presented annually to an individual from the host country of the World Championship as nominated by that nation.
  • International Player of the Year Award - presented annually to a player who is considered the top athlete at World, Regional/Continental, and their club team in the year.
  • International/National Development Award  - was created to be presented each year at WC/WJC for an individual who has done outstanding work over a period of time for the advancement of the sport nationally and/or internationally.  
  • Robert Mueller Memorial Award - established in memory of the remarkable German hockey and street hockey athlete who overcame terrible illness to play his beloved sport, but finally lost his battle.  Each year, at WC/WJC, an athlete will be selected who displays leadership by example and whose passion for sport has overcome difficult odds.

President's note

George Gortsos

George Gortsos
ISBHF president

Germany is a great Hockey nation. With a rich tradition in our sport of ball hockey in hosting Club and world Championships. And having one of the strongest leagues in Europe.
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