Team Canada

The Canadian Ball Hockey Association has a storied history with its Team Canada Programs. The first International Street & Ball Hockey Federation World Championship took place for Men in 1996 in Bratislava, Slovakia with Canada claiming victory in the inaugural event. Since those early days the international game has grown in leaps and bounds and now has World Championships for Women, Youth Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20 as well as a Masters Division for players 40 +. The Men’s & Women’s World Championships are held every two years on odd numbered years while the Youth and Masters World Championships are held on even numbered years. Players from across Canada are scouted at Regional and National events for selections.


Men's World Ball Hockey Championship


1Tim BARLOWGoaltender--00000--
29Anthony FLORESGoaltender--00000--
70Kyle MCHOLMGoaltender--00000--


11Patrick O KEEFEDefense--00220--
17Jim BABIJDefense--00000--
21Victor AZEVEDODefense--00220--
24William MARSHALLDefense--00220--
32Calin WILDDefense--00000--
61Samuel FORTIERDefense--00000--
63Brad YETMANDefense--00002--
90Paul KASTESDefense--00000--
98Brian SZOLGADefense--02020--


7Kevin REIDForward--02024--
9Marcus POWERForward--00220--
10Stephen D ABADIEForward--00000--
13Remi LAURENCELLEForward--00000--
16Derek GINGERAForward--00000--
19Dylan KELLYForward--00000--
25Shaq MERASTYForward--00002--
44Kevin MARCHUKForward--00220--
52Justin DENTREMONTForward--00000--
72Jordan ESCOTTForward--00000--
88Nathan YETMANForward--00000--
89Dustin KELLYForward--04040--
99Danick MARTELForward--00220--


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