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Who We Are

ISBHF History

Founded in 1993, the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation has provided international competitions since 1995, when the first European Championship was held in Bratislava, Slovakia, with Czechia defeating Slovakia. Canada would claim the first World Championship in 1996, defeating Czechia in Bratislava, in 1996, with seven nations participating, which also featured Austria, Germany, Russia, Slovakia (bronze medallists), and Switzerland.

The next World Championship was held in 1998, in Litomerice, Czechia, where the home nation captured gold with a win over Slovakia. The 1999 event was hosted in Zvolen, Slovakia, and once again the home nation was victorious, this time defeating Canada in a shootout, after overtime. From this point forward, the senior World Championship has become a bi-annual event, held on odd numbered years, usually in the first or second week of June. Visit our World Cups section [click here] for more information and the results of each championship since 1996.

The inaugural World Junior Championship for players Under-20, was held in Kralupy, Czechia, in 2000, with Canada defeating the home nation, and Slovakia claiming bronze. This event is also bi-annual, but is held on even numbered years, usually during the last week of June.

Over the years many outstanding athletes have left their mark on the history of the sport, with some going on to have professional ice hockey careers in the National Hockey League, and/or various European Hockey Leagues, but the vast majority are lifelong amateur players. A large percentage of street/ball hockey players have never played the ice version, due to economic , social, or geographical barriers, but their skills are no less as developed for street/ball hockey purposes, as evidenced by the fact that some of its greatest players never played ice hockey in their youth. A detailed list of some of the sport’s top athletes may be found in the Awards section.

Aims & Function of ISBHF

  • The ISBHF unites national street hockey, ball hockey, and dek hockey associations for competitions, development, and promotion of the sport
  • The ISBHF aims to take part in a worldwide “hockey renaissance” and develop a global strategy in part with the International Ice Hockey Federation


  • Unification of the sport all over the world and at all levels
  • Assist in the worldwide development and promotion of the game
  • Act as the leading governing body of street/ball hockey
  • Create and promulgate rules and regulations to govern international competitions and interaction amongst its member nations
  • Assist member nations with management, organization, development, and information needs

Goals & Vision

As the grass roots essence of the great game of hockey, the sport of ball hockey, often called street hockey can easily be played by anyone in the world, regardless of socio-economic background. It is our hope that we can forge a strong relationship with the International Ice Hockey Federation and NHL Enterprises to promote the hockey family of sports, street, inline, and ice. It is our belief that street hockey can achieve international prominence. Our ultimate goal is to strive for official status with the International Olympic Committee and have the sport compete at the Summer Olympic Games.

Our Structure

The ISBHF is governed on, a day-to-day basis, by its appointed General Secretary, and the volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the member nations. National delegates represent their national associations at the ISBHF annual congress, and at general meetings of members, to establish all rules and regulations governing the sport. These delegates are volunteers elected by the players and leagues within each nation. Regional Directors are appointed to assist in the communication with members in certain parts of the world, and regional offices have been established to accomplish such. A Referee-in-Chief is appointed to coordinate regional leaders in the development of officials, and the selection of referees for international competitions.

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