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The ISBHF Hall of Fame was established in 2010 with the inaugural class of inductees.  The Hall of Fame is the highest honor the sport can bestow on a member of the ball hockey community.  

***NOTE:  This page is currently in development and we will have more details about each member added over the coming months.



Builders are those persons whose contributions to the sport have
helped enable the sport to achieve levels of excellence above and
beyond that which regular contributors demonstrate. Their passion
for the sport is demonstrated through their continued pursuit
growing and developing the sport on national and international levels.


Referees are those persons whose officiating careers have been
consistently performed at a level of excellence where they are
regarded as models for all officials to emulate. They are the best
the sport has seen when it comes to ensuring fair competition and
correct interpretation and execution of the rules of ball hockey.


Players are those persons whose play at the international level is
recognized as among the best of their generation. They are the
talented individuals who have shown their ability to perform successfully
at the highest levels of international competition over their career.


Coaches are those persons whose knowledge of the game
has proven to be among the elite of the sport. Their leadership has been
proven to be immeasurable in helping their teams achieve success. They are the masters of the game in terms of strategy, tactics, and execution.

Class of 2010

  • Vladimír Hnilička (CZE, Builder)
  • George Gortsos (CAN, Defenceman, Coach, Builder)
  • Leoš Rak (CZE, Coach)
  • Peter Babák (SVK, Defenceman)
  • Christoph Jeannerat (SUI, Defenceman)
  • Mojmír Hojer (SVK, Defenceman)
  • Jaroslav Pavlík (CZE, Defenceman)
  • James Mentis (CAN, Forward)
  • Peter Figura (SVK, Forward)
  • Robert Kašša (SVK, Forward)
  • Alexandre Burrows (CAN, Forward)
  • Petr Kaňkovský (CZE, Forward)
  • Pavel Kormunda (CZE, Forward)
  • Robert Marchese (CAN, Forward)
  • Martin Lohnický (SVK, Goaltender)
  • Michel Perodeau (CAN, Goaltender)
  • Pavel Piš (CZE, Referee)

Class of 2011

  • Gus Kourousis (CAN, Forward)
  • Richard Král (CZE, Forward)
  • Robert Košťál (SVK, Defenceman)

Class of 2012

  • Pavol Demitra (SVK, Forward)

Class of 2013

  • Marian Giba (SVK, Defenceman)
  • Martin Beseda (CZE, Defenceman)
  • Martin Kurz (CZE, Forward)

Class of 2014

  • Ladislav Grunt (CZE, Coach, Builder)
  • Raymond W. Leclerc (USA/CAN, Builder)
  • Martin Miklík (SVK, Forward)
  • Peter Tóth (SVK, Forward)
  • Paolo Musto (CAN, Forward/Defenseman)
  • Sandro Morello (CAN, Forward)

Class of 2019

  • Stanislav Petrík (SVK, Goaltender)

Class of 2022

  • Christoph Curchod (SUI, Builder)
  • Jamie Cooke (USA, Builder)
  • Denny Schlegel (USA, Forward)
  • Tony Iannitto (CAN, Builder)
  • Darsh Grewal (CAN, Official)
  • Daniel Medeiros (CAN/POR, Goaltender)
  • Alessandra Glista (USA, Goaltender)
  • Kristen Cooze (CAN, Defenseman)
  • Christine Pellerin (CAN, Builder)