Leadership & Governance

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The ISBHF is a non-profit international sports federation, established on democratic principles, independent of political parties and movements.

The democratic bodies of the ISBHF are:

  • Conference, as the highest body – the Annual Conference of ISBHF Members elects members of ISBHF Bodies for a two-year term
  • President, as the head of the executive body
  • Vice-President, as the deputy of the head of the executive body
  • Board of Directors, as the executive body
  • Executive Director, as the statutory body
  • Office, as the non-elected administrative body lead by the ISBHF Secretary. Members of the ISBHF Office are appointed and dismissed by the ISBHF Board of Directors.

ISBHF President & Vice President

ISBHF President

Elio Pascuzzo, president@isbhf.com

Elio Pascuzzo has been involved in Canadian ball hockey since the 1970s as a player, coach, manager, referee and league administrator, among other responsibilities. He has a long career of leadership positions in Canada that he knows will help him lead the ISBHF into the next era of growth for the sport. His passion is seeing people get excited about the sport and expanding the player and fan base. He is committed to leading the organization with new ideas to grow the game across the globe.

ISBHF Vice-President

Tomáš Březina,  brezina@isbhf.com

Tomáš Březina has been involved with Ball Hockey in the Czech Republic for over 25 years. He is currently the Secretary General of the Czech Ball Hockey Federation. He shares a passion to see the sport grow and is proud to offer his leadership experience to the ISBHF. He has been instrumental in helping to develop the sport and its player base in the Czech Republic. He looks to bring that same passion now on a global level.

Executive Director & Secretary

ISBHF Executive Director & Secretary

David Tor returned to the sport at the 2017 ISBHF World Championships as a volunteer; working for the ISBHF in both marketing and administration. Following the 2017 World Championships, he started working as the ISBHF Secretary, and was promoted to the Executive Director position in 2020.

Board of Directors

Christoph Curchod, Switzerland, curchod@isbhf.com

Christoph Curchod has been involved in ball hockey for decades and was previously the ISBHF Vice President.  His goal is to bring ball hockey forward, including the possibility to address things that on the first view may not be helping to promote our sport. He strives to find solutions to bring different approaches  to promoting the game under one roof and bring ball hockey forward.

Olga Bircakova, Czech Republic, olga.bircakova@atlas.cz

Olga is a lawyer with experience from international organisations and is leading one of Prague’s ball hockey clubs developing the youngest players. She is a member of Czech Ball Hockey Federation Executive Board, where is she engaged especially in the internal matters and international agenda of the organisation. Olga, also a recreational ball hockey player, has been with the ISBHF Board of Directors since January 2020.

Július Száraz, Slovakia, szaraz@isbhf.com

Július Száraz is the representative of the Slovak Ball Hockey Federation and was recently the Chairman of the 2019 ISBHF World Championships in Košice, Slovakia. Prior to this, Julius served as Vice-President of the Slovak Ball Hockey Federation. He is also a competitive player, having played in three consecutive ISBHF Masters World Championships for Slovakia.

Jenny Hehir, Great Britain, jennyhehir@gmail.com

Jenny Hehir has played in four consecutive ISBHF World Championships dating back to 2013. She is also very active in coaching and managing the Great Britain junior programs, from managing the Great Britain Junior U20 & U18 teams in St. John’s in 2018 to coaching a junior development GB Lions team. Jenny has been with the ISBHF Board of Directors since 2019, leading the Women’s game.

Colin Gennoe, South Korea, gennoe@isbhf.com

Colin Gennoe, a Canadian citizen, has been living and playing ball hockey in South Korea since 2008. He is the captain of the South Korea National Team, having won the ISBHF Asia Championship twice. Colin has been serving as a Board Member for ISBHF since 2015 and is currently the International Development Director.

Chris Banks, USA, cbanks@usaballhockey.com


Chris started playing ball hockey at the age of 19 in his hometown, Buffalo, NY, and has captained and coached many teams since. After his active playing career, Chris has become an important builder of ball hockey in the USA. Together with a group of passionate people, Chris founded USA Ball Hockey – the national governing body of ball hockey in the USA – and is its current President. With his experience in building a successful organisation, business and legal procedures, Chris is also a vital part of the ISBHF Board of Directors, which he joined in 2020.

Tim McKenzie, Canada president@cbha.com

Tim is the current President of the Canadian Ball Hockey Association.  His love for the sport has helped the CBHA grow substantially over the year.  Tim believes that Ball Hockey helps bring together players of all skill levels and provides an avenue for them to play whether recreationally or competitively. He is committed to helping the ISBHF continue to put on world class tournaments.