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The ISBHF has historically hosted international tournaments for club teams. The club teams invited to ISBHF sanctioned competitions are determined by their National Associations, often being National Champions or National Cup winners. In the past, it has been mainly European clubs that have participated, with appearances of North American teams travelling overseas.

Club Teams Medal History

2016Heilbronn (Germany)Oberwil Rebells, SwitzerlandPeräpohjolan Poropojat, FinlandHBC Highlander Prachatice, Czech Republic
2015Nitra (Slovakia)Oberwil Rebells, SwitzerlandHBK Nitrianski Rytieri Nitra, SlovakiaLG AZHOKEJ Bratislava, Slovakia
2014Nitra (Slovakia)HBC Alpiq KladnoHokejmarket SkalicaSK 98 Pruske
2013HBT VlasimOberwil RebellsHBK Nitrianski Rytieri Nitra
2012Villach (Austria)Oberwil RebellsHC Kert Park PrahaHBK Nitrianski Rytieri Nitra
2011Pilsen (Czech )RepublicOberwil RebellsSHC Belpa 1107HBC Plzen
2010Bratislava (Slovakia)Autosklo H.A.K. Hradec Králové (CZE)LG TPS Doprastav Bratislava (SVK)ŠKB Izoglobal Martin (SVK)
2008Letohrad (Czech Republic)TJ HBC KEB Kladno (CZE)ŠKB Izoglobal Martin (SVK)HBC Habesovna Gladiators KLADNO (CZE)
2007Martin (Slovak Republic)HBC HABESOVNA Gladiators Kladno (CZE)RBK Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)SKB Izoglobal Martin(SVK)
2006Sierre (Switzerland)

SKB Izoglobal Martin(SVK)RBK Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)Elba PEML Usti nad Labem (CZE)
2005Martin (Slovak Republic)

OEZ Spartak Letohrad (CZE)HBC 07 Zirafa Zilina (SVK)SK SUDOMERICE (SVK)
2004Kladno (Czech Republic)
Elba Usti nad Labem (CZE)SHBK Ruzinov BRATISLAVA (SVK)HBC ECKG Kladno (CZE)
2003Most (Czech Republic)

Izoglobal Martin (SVK)Elba Usti nad Labem (CZE)Pento Most (CZE)
2002Rosenheim (Germany)

SK Exposervice Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)Skoda Pilsen(CZE)Laureta Mlada Boleslav (CZE)
2001Oberaudorf (Germany)

SK Exposervice Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)Skoda Pilsen(CZE)HBC Kladno (CZE)
2000Bratislava (Slovakia)LG Doprastav BRATISLAVA(SVK)HBC 07 Zilina (SVK)TJ Radouc Mlada Boleslav (CZE)
1999Villach (Austria)Severka Usti nad Labem (CZE)SK Exposervice Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)Doprastav Bratislava (SVK) a TJ HBC Škoda Plzeň (CZE)
1998Ústí nad Labem (Czech Republic)Severka Usti nad Labem (CZE)SK Exposervice Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)TJ Kovo Praha (CZE)
1997Bratislava (Slovakia)SK Exposervice Ruzinov BRATISLAVA(SVK)LG Doprastav BRATISLAVA (SVK)Vltava Česke Budejovice (CZE)
1996Villach (Austria)SK EXPOSERVICE Sibirska BRATISLAVA (SVK)LG Doprastav BRATISLAVA(SVK)Severka Ústí nad Labem (CZE)