Legends World Championship

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The Legends World Championship (Men’s Over 45 & Women’s Over 40) will be held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada between August 21-25, 2024.


This will be the inaugural Legends World Championship after this Division was official approved by the ISBHF Board of Directors at their 2022 AGM meeting.

“In ball hockey, there’s what one might call a ‘dead spot’ between the ages of 32-40 because of how the world championship game relies so much on speed and endurance.” said Promotions Director Chris Bokuniewicz.  “In talking with the member nations, we felt this was an opportunity to realign the ages for Masters from 40 and over to 35 and over and then create this new Legends Division and give the players who continue to play at an elite level the opportunity to compete against the best the world has to offer.  It then opens up opportunities for those over 30 players who can still play at the highest level but have simply been caught by Father Time in terms of losing a step to the younger players and not having the same level of endurance.  At the end of the day, this is a game that is so heavily reliant on conditioning at the highest levels, and that will never change.  No matter how hard anyone trains, time gets everyone.  But now the players will have the opportunity to compete against the best in these new age brackets.”

Players are eligible to play in their category if they are born no later than the last day of December, of the year of the tournament. For example, a player wanting to participate in the Legends category must turn 45 years of age no later than on December 31st of the year of the tournament.

This inaugural ISBHF Legends World Championship will take place in Canada as they won the bidding rights to host the tournament.

“We’re so excited to have Edmonton host a World Championship.  It’s one of Canada’s best hockey cities and has so much to offer the players, families, staff, and fans.  The city is excited to have us and they are looking forward to putting on a fantastic event for these elite Men and Women.” said Tim McKenzie, President of Ball Hockey Canada.

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