standard-title How to Join

How to Join

In order to join the ISBHF, you must follow these minimum requirements:

  • Established and officialy registered national association of street/ball hockey, only one association per country can be admitted
  • Follow ISBHF Articles
  • Have registered players
  • use the official CBHA ball
  • Have appropriate equipment mandatory such as CSA approved helmets and hockey gloves, at all ages and levels
  • full facial protection for youth programs under 18 years of age and women’s programs
  • follow ISBHF rules and regulations (national exceptions allowed)
  • pay required membership fee (contact ISBHF Office for details)

Application Forms

  • National Governing Bodies may join by completing this application form How To Join ISBHF Form and submitting it to the ISBHF Head Office or to an ISBHF Regional Office.
  • Leagues in a nation without a member National Governing Body, may apply for special status by completing this application form Membership Information Questionnaire
  • Teams or players seeking a league to play in may view our list of member nations to find a program closest to their place of residence. Visit our Members Page.
  • Anyone seeking to create a league or improve an existing league or program may download our document designed to assist in this matter. Download Start a League