George TarantinoMen’s Division General Manager George Tarantino has announced the additions of several players to fill out the 2017 Men’s USA Team. The team will be heading to Pardubice, Czech Republic next June to compete in the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF) 2017 World Ball Hockey Championships. GM Tarantino has spent much of the past year evaluating the top talent and after much traveling and a lot of hockey has added several players to the previously announced roster.

The following players have earned a spot on the 2017 Men’s team traveling to Pardubice, Czech Republic next June to compete in the ISBHF World Ball Hockey Championships.


Eric Zimmerman, NJ Supreme

Jon Petito, Buffalo Fusion

Cody Warila, Greater Boston Saints

Matt Kiesel, GPDC Arsenal

Jorden Senecal, Leominster Americans


Nick Carter, Leominster Americans


Joe Sheehan, GPDC Arsenal

Bryce Erb, Phoenixville Graffix

After careful consideration and evaluation, we feel these players fit best with the direction, current roster and game plan of our 2017 team. Earning a spot was no easy task, as there are so many players capable of filling these roles at this time in the country. I feel it’s a true statement saying we could field 2 competitive teams in the tournament if the rules allowed us to. That is a credit to our entire ball hockey community and countless sport leaders.

We are in process of filling out our taxi squad and a couple of remaining roster spots. Those decision will be announced in the near future.

Thank you for the continued support

Complete roster as of 11/12/2017


First Name  Last Name  Tournament Team

Jim  Daughtery  Pittsburgh Gods

Steve  Gregory  Pittsburgh Gods

Jess  Hackett  Buffalo Fusion

Bobby  Housser  Leominster Rams

Matt  Kiesel  GPDC Arsenal

John  Petito  Buffalo Fusion

Jonny  Ruiz  NJ Supreme

Denny  Schlegel  Buffalo Fusion

Jordenm  Senecal  Leominster Americans

Billy  Sullivan  GPDC Arsenal

Cody  Warila  Greater Boston Saints

Korey  Wilson  Leominster Americans

Eric  Zimmerman  NJ Supreme


First Name  Last Name  Tournament Team

Matt  Caron  Leominster Americans

Nick  Carter  Leominster Americans

Andrew  Hildreth  Oberwil Rebells

Chris  Liebers  Pittsburgh Gods

Rick  Zimmick  Pittsburgh Gods


Bryce Erb, Phoenixville Graffix

Jon Rethage, Pittsburgh Gods

Joe Sheehan, GPDC Arsenal