After beating Hong Kong 4-3 on penalties, Armenia wanted to steal some points from the 2015 B Pool champions from Haiti. Haiti proved their quality against the Cayman Islands with a tremendous comeback, winning the game 7-5 after being 3-5 down with just 16 minutes to go.

A wall or Lincy Régiste-Augustin? He kept a clean sheet today!

Haiti came onto the rink strong, confident and gave Armenia no chance in the opening minutes. Rubens Morne converted a power play into a 1-0 lead after a beautiful pass from Paul-Arthur Plaisir as the Armenians could not take possession in the attacking period properly in the first 15 minutes.

In the second frame, Haiti wanted to build up their game and finally break the opponent with a second goal, but it was the Armenians who were given the opportunity to tie the game in many power plays. Unluckily for them, the biggest chance came on the other side in a breakaway and Armenia must have been thankful to Jean-Francois Aumais, their goalie, for keeping the score 1-0.

We’ve seen a lot of contact and bodychecks, great fun to watch!

The third period was no exemption to the previous two. The fans witnessed a physical style of hockey with Armenia trying to level the game and Haiti to increase their lead. Yet another power play for Armenia and an empty net attempt to level the match in the last seconds was, however, sterile, leaving the match finished with a rather soccer score, 1-0 to Haiti.

In what we could say was a battle of the keepers, Morne was the only one who found the net and scored the winning goal. “We were too over-confident. We used to play Armenia at tournaments in Canada and beat them 5, 6 to nothing, but they came hard today. Our next game is Hong Kong and we have to be ready, more than today, to grab the win – we want to go to A level, I feel we belong there!”

Rubens Morne was the lone scorer today: “It’s the win that matters the most!”

Morne also praised how competitive the B Pool is this year. “Compared to the 2015 World Championships in Zug, the teams know what to expect now. It’s great that the games are all quite level – we’re going to have more teams playing and people are going to respect the B Pool a lot more!”