In Beijing, Coaching Certification Course puts Ball Hockey on the Map for International Schools in China!

The sport of ball hockey has taken another huge step forward in its growth in China recently, as 18 teachers from 10 international schools in Beijing were the first coaches in China to receive certification from the International Street and Ball Hockey Federation (ISBHF).

Teachers took part in a Coaching Certification Program on November 10th, at Beijing’s ORG arena, which provided them theoretical and practical training in order to deliver a ball hockey program to students.

Can Life Sports Founder Curtis Dracz and professional coach and Team China Ball Hockey player Michael Kusy led the course, while former NHL player Todd Elik was the keynote presenter. Elik spent eight years in the NHL and now acts as the General Manager of Beijing Junior Kings.

Ball hockey is often seen as an economical way to introduce youth to the game of hockey. It also serves as a great way for existing ice hockey players to gain training off the ice.

In addition to the coaches’ training, the host company Can Life Sports offers its support to the coaches and their schools with drills, rules, and equipment. All of the schools involved plan to take part in an international school ball hockey tournament hosted by Can Life in the near future.

“The goal of offering the coaching course and the ball hockey tournament is to allow all schools to grow and develop the game using a proven collection of world-leading tools and knowledge,” Dracz said of the events. “Consistency and an established method of instruction and implementation are key to developing the sport in the right way in this exciting, emerging region.”

In late October, The International Street and Ball hockey Federation elected Curtis Dracz, who is based in Mainland China, as their new member representative for the nation of China.

Dracz and his team will continue to support the growth through schools and Beijing and beyond. The goal is to expand the coaching program to other cities, as well as to continue to support with equipment and ice hockey transitional programs. The 2022 Olympics provides an opportunity to leverage ball hockey as an economical way to get children holding sticks and learning the basic rules of the sport of hockey. 

Curtis Dracz demonstrating the goalie stance and Mike Kuzy looks amazed!

Former NHL player Todd Elik speaking to the preparation involved in hockey

Mike Kusy leading the warm-up!

Todd Elik speaking again about the importance of great passing

Kusy and Elik on properly holding a stick

A future star learns stick handling for the first time!

Todd Elik this time on proper shooting

The newest ISBHF development team in action in China!


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