The ISBHF elected new leadership at the 2022 Annual Conference in Kladno, Czech Republic.

Elio Pascuzzo has been elected the new ISBHF President, and will lead the organization with his wealth of experience.

Diana Kosová of Slovakia has been elected Vice-President, and will mostly focus on development.

The ISBHF Board of Directors is composed as follows:

Chris Banks, USA
Olga Birčáková, Czech Republic
Christoph Curchod, Switzerland
Colin Gennoe, South Korea
Jenny Hehir, Great Britain
Tim McKenzie, Canada
Július Száraz, Slovakia

David Tor has been elected as the ISBHF Executive Director, and will also continue in the Secretary position.

All positions have been elected for the 2022-2024 term.

The ISBHF would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to George Gortsos, who led the ISBHF as President for 10 years. Thank you George for all you have done for our sport.

David Tor

David Tor