It was 2009 that Finland first took part in the ISBHF World Championships. Since that time Finland has participated in four World Championships and its respectable 7th place finish in 2011 is its best performance so far. Up until this year Finland had been without a national federation with many obstacles having stood in the way to establishment. But May 2nd, 2017 witnessed the founding of the Finnish Ball Hockey Association and a major step forward as a very respected world hockey nation.

Team Poropojat faces off against Team Hc Kings in the 2016 ISBHF World Cup for Cubs in Heilbronn, Germany! This game was the first World Cup game for the Hc Kings.

The Finnish Federation is making steps and for now possesses three teams; Peräpohjolan Poropojat, Siivikkalan Pelikassit and the HC Kings which based in Vantaa, a city just 20 km from Helsinki. The HC Kings also competed in the ISBHF World Cup for Clubs in Heilbronn in 2016. The first National Championships will be played in Finland next summer with the hope of having at least four teams at that time as a fourth team has expressed their interest to the federation.

Johannes Pukema stated that the ultimate goal in Finland is to develop every year and to have a stronger Finnish national team ready for 2019 in Slovakia. That with the support of the federation, that additional professional players will be developed and that Finland will have a real chance to fight for the medals and battle seriously against the major ball hockey nations. With the inclusion of sponsorship as well, Johannes hopes that games will develop in its nation as there is the challenge of long distance between the teams.

One of the additional goals in Finland is to make Streethockey better known and more widely accepted so that players become more interested about ball hockey and that financial stability can be better established. Additionally, national exhibition games in Finland and even tournaments with many national teams participating is also a primary objective; as this would raise the game in Finland and help its federation become stronger. The Finnish Association is constantly working to make its federation more competitive with the desire for Finland  to be one of the major countries in International Streethockey.
The ISBHF congratulates Johannes and entire Finnish Association on establishment, and we look forward to seeing Finland compete in 2019 in Slovakia!

Team Finland assistant captain Arto Siikavirta has represented Team Finland in three World Championships. (2011, 2015, 2017)

This year’s ISBHF World Championship in Pardubice, Czech Republic was the first for Finnish defenceman Petteri Uusimäki (#26)

Team Canada was too much for Team Finland in Pardubice; their only match belonged to Team Canada, 7-1

Team Finland has set an ambitious goal to fight for the medals in Slovakia in 2019!

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