The ISBHF is proud to announce to its our family of nations this 3 + 1 World Cup taking place in Slovakia August 24-27, 2017, in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia.
We invite the players to come to this wonderful venue to test their skill in a fast paced game, against the best in the world in Slovakia.  Players will enjoy the fanzones and the passionate hockey fans of Slovakia as they play to become the first ISBHF champion at this level. International referees will be on hand to make sure the games are played at a high level.
If you are interested in playing at this new level, you do not need a large roster to play 3 + 1.  In addition you will be treated to a highly passionate ball hockey environment and will be playing for winning prizes. The ISBHF is excited to see how this wonderful championship goes and will continue to work to make this a strong venue for players to enjoy our sport.
We are proud to announce the 1st ever ISBHF 3 + 1 World Cup and hope that the players of many nations come to test their skills. In Slovakia.

Teams interested in signing up for the 3 + 1 World Cup can submit their application by 10.8.2017 at

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