The ISBHF is calling upon hockey nations! We are interested in finding National Federation members and partners to join our International Family of Nations.

As an ISBHF member, you will provide your nation’s players with a platform to have fun, play ball hockey, and be part of a sport that is reaching for the Olympic Elevator. And perhaps, one day, aspire to attend our yearly World events at the Women’s, Men’s & Junior Boy & Girl levels. We want to hear from you regarding the new hockey nation you would represent.

What do you need to join the ISBHF?

You need to want to build a non-profit organization, with a group of people that builds a Constitution for your National Federation, has a Board of elected officials, with Annual meetings once you start your journey of history. The ISBHF helps and mentors you with this process. Alongside the structural assistance, the ISBHF can also help with starter kits – sticks and balls, through our development sponsorship plan for nations that are new to the sport of hockey.

On top of that, the ISBHF can provide you with our referee & coaching reference materials. And work with you on the journey towards a successful national organization in our sport.

Once again, to establish a national federation, you need:

(1) Non-profit standing
(2) Constitution
(3) Board of Directors
(4) Once created, yearly Annual Meetings

New nations developing ball hockey on the ground, but without the structural requirements, may also apply for ISBHF Level I – Candidate membership, which is free of charge and still provides large benefits of ISBHF membership.

If you have the will to provide the platform required for your players to play the sport of ball hockey and you are in a nation that is not part of the ISBHF family presently – please look at our application and build a national organization to join our growing family of members.

Should you want to fast track and be part of our events in 2022, note that you must adhere to the structural requirements, and all of your players playing for your nation must have either valid passports of your nation, or fulfil requirements as per 2021 ISBHF Regulations.

Men’s & Women’s World Championships – June 17-25, 2022, Canada
U20 & U18 Junior World Championships – early July, Slovakia or TBD
U16 Boys & U20 Women’s Junior World Championship – early July, Slovakia
Arctic Circle Cup for Club Teams – August 24-27, Finland
Masters Men’s & Women’s World Championships – September, Czech Republic

David Tor

David Tor