To all ball hockey fans and the whole community, we hope that you are staying well and healthy as we all hope that the global health situation will gradually be getting better.

We at the ISBHF still owe you ISBHF news for the month of February – here we go!


Perhaps the biggest goal of the ISBHF at the beginning of 2021 was to improve our media presence. We have established a great media team, full of people with passion for the sport, as well as active players of the game, who now provide our ball hockey family with the most up-to-date news and stories.

On top of that, the Media team has also started running some series – on Tuesdays, you can always look forward to a video, either presenting one of our national programs, or a throwback to the most memorable ISBHF games – lately the 2015 Men’s Final from Zug, or the historic success of the Cayman Islands at the 2019 Worlds, where they won B-Pool gold. Many more are to come soon.

The ISBHF Stars under the Spotlight series has been tremendously successful. Introducing the biggest stars of the game, both from the Men’s and Women’s side, has attracted much attention. It all began with perhaps the biggest star at the moment – 2019 Worlds MVP Jaroslav Martinusík of Slovakia, but many high-profile players across many nations have been interviewed since, and there are more to come in the coming weeks.

More projects are on their way in the coming weeks and months – so please follow on our Facebook and Instagram, and tell your teammates and friends, as more exciting content is coming!

New Website

The ISBHF has also decided to invest into revamping its website. Together with Dave Reaser, who has tirelessly been helping the ISBHF for many years and across events, we have developed and introduced a modernised webpage in ISBHF colours.

Website sections have been updated, and more news, articles and updates will be coming on a weekly basis. Please follow isbhf.com, and let us know what you think about the new website!


Please be assured that our ISBHF events are the most important thing of the our agenda at the moment. The ISBHF Board of Directors has been meeting and discussing options. While we understand that the global situation does not seem favourable to our events in summer, we certainly do not want to simply cancel events are make basic decisions.

The ISBHF, together with Organising Committees and national associations, has been assessing the situation, and collaboratively working on alternatives and contingency plans. The key date is Monday, March 15th. On that day, the ISBHF Board of Directors will meet again and decide on the fate of 2021 ISBHF events. We will be publishing the decisions shortly after.

We wish everyone a very successful March. Stay with us, we will keep you informed!

David Tor

David Tor