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we are now entering spring, and hope that you are well and staying healthy, as ball hockey in some parts of the world is coming back to life. Here, we are bringing you the ISBHF News for March!


As you are probably aware, the ISBHF Board of Directors made an important announcement on the 2021 ISBHF events, which were scheduled to take place in June / early July. The World Junior and Masters Championships will not take place at the originally scheduled dates.

The ISBHF Board of Directors is now considering holding the events at alternative dates and locations – the Juniors at the end of July / early August, and the Masters on September 8-12 in the Czech Republic.


A rigorous review process of all components of the current version of ISBHF Regulations has been performed by the ISBHF Technical Committee in the last few months. We are currently finalising the proposed 2021 version of the Regulations, and will shortly be distributing for review to all our ISBHF Members. The approved Regulations would then become effective at the 2021 ISBHF Annual Conference.

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To everyone, stay safe, stay healthy, and the ISBHF wishes you a successful April!

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