France qualified to play Portugal as the top ranked B pool team after Haiti conceded their match the evening before; citing concerns over the playing surface of the small arena. Portugal played the Czech’s to a ‘one nothing’ loss and have played the top A pool teams in the tournament tough with a 1-3 record coming into the match with France.

Portugal scored 4 unanswered in the first and never looked back!

Justin Cabral got Portugal on the board 6:42 of the first after a shot from the slot and Portugal stepped it up from there. Eric Camara deposited a rebound just 29 seconds later and less than four minutes after that scored his second of the opening period. Mathew David made it 4-0 soon after and the rout was on.

Jess Tanguay scored early in the second to cut the lead to three, but that was as close as they would get. Despite a strong effort from France with injuries, Portugal would go on to win 5-2. They will now play Slovakia in the quarter-final tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. France, on the other hand, will play Finland on a quick turn-around tomorrow morning at 10am for the right to stay in the A pool in 2019!

The French will play the Finns tomorrow at 10am!