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Visp, Switzerland lies in the Rhône valley, at the confluence of the Vispa and the Rhône rivers.  Raron is a municipality and the capital of the Westlich Raron district. It includes the villages of Raron and Sankt German and the hamlets of Turtig and Rarnerchumma. It is located on the right side of the Rhone valley at the entrance to the Bietsch valley and west of Visp. Both cities belong in the Canton of Valais, one of 26 official Swiss Cantons.

The Matterhorn near Zermatt is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Swiss mountains, as is its sister valley immediately east Saas Fee.  From WikipediaThe size and particular geographical situation of the Valais canton within the Alps helped Valais develop a culture that is distinct from that of the cantons of the Swiss Plateau and the northern Alpine foothills. As a bilingual canton, Valais itself includes some cultural diversity as well. The most common denominator is a strong mountain culture, symbolized by the archetypal tenacious and austere mountain dweller facing the difficult conditions and dangers of nature.

The event is taking place at these two arenas:

Lonza Arena (Primary Arena)

Address: Torweg 3, 3930 Visp, Switzerland
Capacity: 5150
Playing surface dimensions: 60 x 30 m (200 x 100 ft)
Playing surface: Multi-sport plastic flooring

Raiffeisen arena (Secondary Arena)

Address: Industriezone Basper 3, Raron, Switzerland
Capacity: 400
Playing surface dimensions: 60 x 30 m (200 x 100 ft)
Playing surface: Concrete

Click here to view the EHC Visp team website containing a virtual reality tour of Lonza Arena!

ISBHF President Elio Pascuzzo is excited for the Swiss to put on another terrific event as they did in Zug in 2015. “The Swiss have been looking forward to putting an event that will truly showcase our great sport under the brightest lights for these amazing players.  Everyone that was at the Zug World Championships said it was one of the best atmospheres they’ve ever had the pleasure of competing in.  The Visp/Raron area has also been tremendous in working with the Swiss Organizing Committee to ensure this event will be a pleasure for the fans to attend.  I can’t wait to see what the Swiss have planned and the ISBHF family looks forward to supporting their community with this World Ball Hockey Championship.”

Visp, Switzerland

Lonza Arena Photos

“These two arenas were both built within the last 10 years, and they have many state of the art features.  The Swiss Organizing Committee has done such a fabulous job making sure the fans will have an experience to remember.  This area of Switzerland is one of the best areas for tourism as well, with the Matterhorn of course being one of the most visited mountains in the entire Swiss Alps.” said Promotions Director Chris Bokuniewicz.

The Matterhorn

“The players are going to be competing in some of the best facilities that Switzerland has to offer when it comes to ball hockey.  This is going to be a World Championship where everyone – fans, staff, volunteers, players – will leave with amazing memories.” added Bokuniewicz.

Raiffeisen Arena Photos

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Chris Bokuniewicz

Chris Bokuniewicz

Promotions Director for the ISBHF