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Knapper is the official partner of the ISBHF.  Based in Canada, Knapper is the world leading manufacturer of ball hockey equipment, offering the most extensive line of premium gear on the market. By keeping a strong connection with the player community along with continuous R&D investments, Knapper is truly dedicated to the development of this amazing sport.


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We understand the pulse of the game because we’re not just a brand; we’re players just like you. Enhancing your hockey experience through gear designed by players, for players.

Over a decade of exciting ball hockey tournaments, fantastic prizes, and the best competition anywhere in America!

The ISBHF is registered in Prague, Czech Republic, as a non-profit organization.  If you are interested in working with the ISBHF:  

Partner:  An individual or organization that works alongside the ISBHF in a collaborative and long-term relationship. Partners are usually involved in the planning and execution of programs or projects.

Sponsor: Provides support, typically financial, to the ISBHF for specific events, programs, or projects.  Various sponsorship packages are available with the ISBHF and generally include branding and promotion through both our annual World Ball Hockey Championship events and social media platforms.

Advertising:  Website and social media platform advertising is available.  The ISBHF generates hundreds of thousands of views each month through our social media platforms and has an extremely high engagement rate thanks to the passion of the fans of our great sport.

If you are interested or simply want more information on how a collaboration with the ISBHF can help you or your organization, please email us – or reach out to us on any social media platform: