The ISBHF would not be where it is today, without the devotion and perseverance that has come to define the allegiance of representatives, volunteers, coaches, players, fans and countless others who continue to dedicate themselves to the growth of the great game worldwide. We are extraordinarily proud to pay tribute to four individuals who stood out amoung the numerous others and have dedicated themselves to furthering the sport of ball hockey over their lifetime.

International PLAYER(S) of the year.

Two players were deserving of this prestigious award in 2016;

Nathan Yetman was one of the many leaders on Team Canada at last year’s ISBHF World U-20 Championship. Amongst the top scorers throughout the entire tournament he earned the role of Assistant Captain. His hard work, determination and great team play was noticed by all in attendance at the event. Off the floor Nathan was a key team mate bring the Canadian team together very quickly at the event, leading by example in everything he does! Thanks to his efforts the Canadian squad enjoyed great success at the event.

Nathan Yetman – Team Canada

Marcel Cíbik was introduced to street & ball during seniors’ training as a 7-8 year-old boy.  As a 10 year old, he started playing in the Extra League in Sports Club ŠK98 in the U16 category. He gained his first title as Champion of Slovakia wearing the jersey of Kométa Vrútky in the U12. Soon, more titles followed in the categories of U14, U16 and U18 for the Sports Club ŠK98 Pruské. Marcel is also a three time World Champion in the U16, U18 and U20 categories. He was selected for the All-Star Team in the World Junior Championships, category U16 in 2016. He ranked at top positions in the charts for the Junior Extra Ligue stats, be it among the shooters or in Canadian scoring charts. As a 15 year old, he began playing competitively in the Senior League. With this team he gained the bronze medal in the Senior Extra Ligue and also the bronze medal in the World Cup For Clubs in Nitra. In 2016 he was awarded the title as the best junior streetball player in Slovakia.

Majster Sveta – Slovakia

International / National Development Award

Gabi Missakian was recognized by his peers and recipient of this award; he has been active in the game for close to 25 years as a player, coach and recently having founded the Armenian International Association in 2012. He has been an individual who has always made the game and players larger around him, promoting it with passion and energy. A true leader in all aspects, a mentor and motivator always available to assist in any way he can. With his guidance and encouragement, the Lebanese national association became a member of the ISBHF in 2016. Occupying key positions in both the Marketing and Technical Committee on the ISBHF board, his work ethic and commitment to any individual is highly commendable in the development of the sport.

Gabi Missakian – Armenia


 Robert Mueller Memorial Award

Steve Posavec, former President of the CBHA was honored with this prestigious award.

Humble as to his nature, Steve comes from a family of ball hockey history with his brother, wife and son all having been active in the sport. Himself a player and then serving as a mentor, Steve has always recognized the work and dedication of all others around him for his success and that of the sport.

His achievements speak for itself, and a summary interview he had given to the CBHA can reflect this.

Steve Posavec – Canada

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Colin Gennoe
ISBHF Director of Marketing
Asia Pacific Representative


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