Dear ISBHF Ball Hockey Family,

The ISBHF hopes that all of you remain safe and healthy during these difficult times. We appreciate your support for the sport of ball hockey and your understanding of the challenging decisions the ISBHF has had to make for 2020 and 2021 events for the safety and health of all our members.

The ISBHF Board of Directors has unanimously approved that, should the global health situation allow, the calendar of 2022 & 2023 ISBHF events will be as follows:


World Men’s & Women’s Championships – Canada, June

World Juniors – Slovakia or alternative venue, TBD Under-20 Men’s (2002, 2003)
Under-18 Men’s (2004, 2005)

World Juniors – Slovakia, first week of July Under-16 Boys’ (2006, 2007)
Under-20 Women’s (2002, 2003)

World Men’s & Women’s Masters – Czech Republic, September Over-40 Men’s (1982 and earlier)
Over-35 Women’s (1987 and earlier)


World Juniors – TBD
Under-23 Men’s (2000, 2001, 2002) Under-20 Men’s (2003, 2004) Under-18 Boys’ (2005, 2006)

World Juniors – TBD
Under-16 Boys’ (2007, 2008) Under-20 Women’s (2003, 2004)

World Men’s & Women’s Masters Over-35 Men’s (1988 and earlier) Over-35 Women’s (1988 and earlier)


The ISBHF has voted and approved that the Men’s and Women’s Masters will be held annually. Beginning in 2023, the format shall alternate between Over-35 (Men’s and Women’s) and Over-45 (Men’s and Women’s).

At this moment, the ISBHF has not gathered enough interest to stage a Women’s Under-23 tournament in 2023. The calendar for 2024 and beyond shall be a subject of discussion at the 2021 ISBHF Annual Conference.


On behalf of the ISBHF, we would like to thank everyone for their ongoing patience and support as we continue to navigate the ball hockey family through this period of uncertainty.

Best regards,

George Gortsos
International Street & Ball Hockey Federation

David Tor

David Tor